Dietmar Kühl


Generic Algorithms and improved STL algorithms
IOStreams and locales library
Decimal Floating Point (proposal for standardization in C++)
source code analysis using clang


comp.lang.c++.moderated: one of the founding moderators
Stackoverflow: answering questions
ACCU: presenting at the conferences

C++ Standardization

C++ Committee


I'm working in the ENG department of Bloomberg LP in London.

Movie Making

The image below is a link to my foray into movie making: acting in a movie for the 48h Film Project (2017). The linked movie is actually a recut which also uses material shot on another weekend and which was completed somewhat later. Here is a link to the original version. Although the original file won the London competition, the recut is much better.

Since my first movie, I got involved with a few more movies. The following links are related to these movies:


In case you wonder how my name with this funny-looking character "ü" (U-umlaut) is pronounced: it is probably easiest if you pronounce my name as you would pronounce "Kuhl". You can also find audio samples and translations at Leo.
Dietmar Kühl